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Bentley Systems Acquires NoteVault

The acquisition further extends the value of digital twins across construction management, enabling projects to combine immersive 4D models of the construction progress with...

Kennametal introduces KCS10B

Kennametal has introduced its newest and most advanced turning grade, KCS10B, for nickel, cobalt and iron-based superalloys used in aerospace and other high-temperature applications.KCS10B,...
Hms Networks

HMS Networks launches Ewon DataMailbox

HMS Networks launches Ewon DataMailbox, a secure freemium cloud-based solution allowing machine builders and factory owners to easily access data from their machines remotely.DataMailbox...

Rohde & Schwarz introduces 1 GHz analysis bandwidth

To analyze wideband signals for 5G NR and other future wireless standards, a wide analysis bandwidth is key. Rohde & Schwarz brings an exceptional...
Rohde Schwarz 5g Lbs

Rohde & Schwarz drives 5G LBS

As wireless network operators roll out 5G NR in the millimeter wave spectrum, it is critical to ensure continuous reliability of E911 calls and...
Rohde Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI Solutions collaborate to advance 5G NR test coverage

Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI Solutions verify their respective test equipment on correct implementation for 5G NR and LTE. This exchange between the two...
Beckhoff Automation

The four new EtherCAT Terminals provide cost-effective analysis

Incremental encoders have become indispensable in many applications due to their compactness and low price points. Beckhoff meets this need with the comprehensive EL51xx EtherCAT...
Seco Assistant App

Seco Tools introduces the new Seco Assistant app

Seco Assistant puts the product information and tools you need at your fingertips without the need for internet searches or catalogue research, even when...
Siemens Iot

Softing upgrades edgeConnector Siemens

Softing Industrial releases version v1.20 of edgeConnector Siemens. The software module is based on container technology and connects Siemens controllers with industrial IoT applications....

AI algorithm detects when medical images will be difficult to make an effective diagnosis

A new AI algorithm can identify when medical images are likely to be difficult for either a radiologist or AI to make an effective...
Openground Cloud

Bentley Systems announces the availability of OpenGround Cloud

Bentley Systems announced the availability of OpenGround Cloud a new cloud service that enables geotechnical professionals to access reliable geotechnical data for better engineering...
Mitsubishi Electric Graphic Operation Controller

Mitsubishi Electric introduces Graphic Operation Controller – GOC43

Mitsubishi Electric India’s Factory Automation & Industrial Division has recently launched the latest and advanced version of Graphic Operation Controller ‘GOC43’. It is a...
Nord Corossion

Corrosion protection for high loads

With its unique NORD nsd tupH surface protection, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers corrosion protection associated with stainless steel. It can be combined with flexible modular...
Grundfos Cre Pumps

Grundfos’s CRE intelligent pumps are one-stop plug and play solutions

Grundfos CRE pumps are the ideal choice for most industrial applications and commercial buildings. These pumps are optimized with the best pump parts that...
Fev To Enhance

FEV to enhance Automated vehicles systems

FEV is leading the way in the use of co-simulation for automated driving by using the Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol, which serves as a valuable...
Hms Networks

HMS Networks introduces New Intesis protocol translator

HMS Networks introduced a new Intesis protocol translator for communication between PROFINET PLCs on factory floors and Building Management Systems with BACnet IP/MSTP. BACnet is...
Seeq Investor Cisco Investments

Seeq acquires a new investor Cisco Investments

Seeq Corporation has closed its Series B expansion with an investment from Cisco Investments, as well as existing investors. Renewed participation comes from Saudi Aramco...
Weland Solution

A M Ecosystem to be Weland Solution’s new reseller in the Indian Market

Weland Solution is expanding in the global market, strengthening their position as an efficient and innovative supplier of solutions for warehouse management and logistics....
Nordac Pro Sk 500p Control Cabinet Inverters New Generation

NORDAC PRO SK 500P control cabinet inverters for the new generation

The NORDAC PRO SK 500P frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface, a multi-encoder interface for multiple axis...
Rohde Schwarz 5g Device Certification

Rohde & Schwarz significantly enhances 5G device certification

Rohde & Schwarz fulfils the certification entry criteria (CEC) for a greatly increased number of the Global Certification Forum's (GCF) work items (WI) and...

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