Federated AI Application in SmartFactory-KL Showcased in Silicon Valley


Data sharing concerns hinder AI progress, but Federated AI, exemplified by SF-KL and RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, offers privacy-preserving collaboration, presenting rare production technology insights at the AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit in California.

Discoveries from Kaiserslautern Presented in California

The annual AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit spotlights ML, edge-cloud infrastructure, and global experts. KL attendees: Tatjana Legler, Vinit Hegiste, and Prof. Dr. Martin Ruskowski, presenting Federated AI research’s integration into KL’s Shared Production system, emphasizing the importance of data rooms and secure data exchange for smart manufacturing success.


EU GDPR is the privacy foundation, yet data security concerns persist. Edge-cloud platforms offer local AI training, but Federated AI enables secure multi-company machine learning, benefiting all parties.

The Use Case

“Such AI procedures can be a real game changer. We must not allow vague fears to deny us the possibilities of shared data in secure data rooms, otherwise Germany will risk technologically falling behind,” said Prof. Martin Ruskowski, CEO of SmartFactory-KL (SF-KL).

USB sticks of various colors and shapes are used in a unique quality control system. Defects found at one company can be anonymously shared, improving AI algorithms for all. This sustainable approach will debut at Hannover Messe 2024.

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