B&R introduces a new safety relay module for the X90 control system

The market has not previously offered mobile controllers with safe, floating outputs. Using B&R's new safety relay module, external safety devices such as drives and...

UniCell Configurations for Production & Testing Processes Unveils esmo

A full-service systems integrator that provides innovative and advanced engineering services — esmo group, unveils new configurations of UniCell, the company’s cross-industry compact automation...

UL offers functional safety training at Arm’s Functional Safety Program

UL, the global safety leader, joined forces with Arm, a global leader in semiconductor design and silicon intellectual property development and licensing to help...

CEIA USA unveils OPENGATE, a weapons detection system

CEIA USA, Ltd., a premier provider of security screening equipment, launches OPENGATE, a weapon detection system. It is characterized by an open structure that...

Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5800 improves security and performance

Companies can prepare their production facilities for more demanding, data-intensive networking with the new high-performance, all-gigabit Allen-Bradley Stratix 5800 managed industrial Ethernet switch. The...

eSync Alliance introduces v2.0 specification for automotive

The eSync Alliance released v2.0 of the eSync specification. The new release expands on data gathering while further extending the cybersecurity specifications for over-the-air...

Integrated Grade 0 BLDC motor driver shrinks 48-V motor-drive systems

Texas Instruments introduced a highly integrated Grade 0 brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver for 48-V high-power motor control systems, such as traction inverters and...

Cloud Providers’ Investment to Magnify Global Data Center Market by 2025

Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, increased investment by Cloud and Colocation Providers Drives the Global Data Center Market, finds that continued high levels of...

Panasonic expands its IoT & AI enabled Connected Living platform – Miraie

Panasonic India, a diversified technology company, announced the expansion of its IoT & AI enabled Connected Living platform - Miraie and launched connected Refrigerator,...

AIS Partners with Unbound Security

Unbound Security, a leader in cryptographic key management and protection, signed an exclusive partnership with Akar Inti Secure (AIS) - part of Akar Inti...
Hms Networks

HMS network extends its Ixxat Smart Grid Gateways

HMS Networks is now extending the Ixxat SG-gateway line with new versions including a 4G/LTE modem for cellular connectivity as well as 4-port Ethernet...
Pepperl Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs continues its digital event series

Pepperl+Fuchs is continuing with its digital event series and invites you to its second online summit held on 17th - 19th November 2020.The format...
Hms Networks

HMS Networks launches Ewon DataMailbox

HMS Networks launches Ewon DataMailbox, a secure freemium cloud-based solution allowing machine builders and factory owners to easily access data from their machines remotely.DataMailbox...
Mitsubishi Electric India Melfa Assista

Mitsubishi Electric India Launches MELFA ASSISTA

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a series of collaborative robots called MELFA ASSISTA in India. MELFA ASSISTA can work together with humans, keeping safety features...
Red Lion Flexedge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform Crimson Software

Red Lion’s, FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform to be powered by Crimson 3.2 software

Red Lion’s, FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform now combines the scalability of Linux with the power of Crimson 3.2 software into one user-friendly operating...
Orange Google Cloud Edge Computing Services

Orange and Google Cloud joint ventured to advance cloud and edge computing services

Orange and Google Cloud announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the transformation of Orange's IT infrastructure and the development of future cloud services, in...
Nagarro Covid19 Suit Artificial Intelligence

Nagarro COVID-19 suit to help kickstart organizational work

Nagarro launched AI-powered solutions to help organizations kick-start work and life amid the COVID-19 crisis. Based on machine vision technology, these solutions provide powerful...

O-RX a disinfection autonomous robot

OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd (Otsaw) announced the launch of UV-C-LED Disinfection Autonomous Robot, named “O-RX”. Commencing the conceptualisation, design, materials procurement, prototype testing to...

Advantages to using rolling shutters in entrance systems

Installing rolling shutters can protect external entrances from damage during severe weather. In some hurricane-prone states, new homes or ones doing major improvement projects...

Is global digitisation outstripping the development of cyber-security systems?

As per the results of an IDC study carried out together with Orange Business Services at the beginning of 2018, there has been an...