Panasonic expands its IoT & AI enabled Connected Living platform – Miraie

Miraie new launches consist of connected Refrigerator, Washing Machine, WiFi Fan, ROMA Smart digital Switches, and Smart WiFi Controller plugs and switches on the platform.


Panasonic India, a diversified technology company, announced the expansion of its IoT & AI enabled Connected Living platform – Miraie and launched connected Refrigerator, Washing Machine, WiFi Fan, ROMA Smart digital Switches and Smart WiFi Controller plugs and switches on the platform. These new models are an addition to the first generation of Miraie connected products including Connected Air Conditioners, Smart Door phones, Zigbee Plugs & Switches, introduced last year. 

Manish Sharma, President & CEO, Panasonic India and South Asia, said: “The consumer-durable industry is at the cusp of a massive technological revolution due to the pandemic that has pushed the adoption of IoT enabled appliances faster. The concept of ‘home as the new hub’ is here to stay, compelling consumers to upgrade their living spaces to ensure comfort and safety. The Expansion of Miraie is a testament to our commitment to providing smart capabilities aligned to the evolved aspirations of our consumers. We are looking to democratize technology, and with Miraie, we aim to bring down the total cost of ownership as the platform sends users regular notifications for servicing requirements driving optimum output and efficient performance over time.”

Sharma added: “Reflecting the true spirit of India, Miraie offerings bring us a step closer to the Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. We are focused, on expanding manufacturing, and building scale for electronics manufacturing in India guided by our innovation and spatial solutions strategy.”

Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions India, said: “With the new normal of work from home, and because of the pandemic, we are witnessing a surge in demand for smart and connected appliances. We now foresee a world where all devices, appliances, and gadgets, will be IoT enabled, App and Voice-controlled. With Google and Amazon developing voice engines in multiple Indian languages, we are confident that the adoption of Miraie devices and appliances will accelerate. We have already seen enormous success with our first-generation launch of Miraie appliances, and devices both in commercial and residential projects. In line with the government’s vision of self-reliant India, with the new range of our locally designed and manufactured IoT smart products viz. Fans, ROMA Smart digital Switches, and WiFi Controlled plugs & switches; we are at the forefront to provide a complete range of affordable connected living solutions for smart home and an office. 

Aggarwal added: “We will continue to offer devices and appliances that will enable us to address all possible consumer requirements, aimed at energy saving, comfort and safety. We will soon extend these devices into Health, Hospitality, Retail, and Industrial segments as well.”


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