YORK’s Smart Connected Chillers improves energy-efficiency


Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), provider of integrated solutions that incorporate HVAC equipment, fire and security systems, building management systems and controls, for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt & Yemen, has aligned itself with the objectives of Vision 2030 and the Digital Transformation Program by continually innovating and leveraging technology to develop sustainable solutions such as YORK’s Smart Connected Chillers, which use cloud services that improve energy efficiency and extend the life of the chillers. 

The cutting-edge technology is used in Saudi institutions and entities including, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and King Saud University in Riyadh.

In collaboration with Microsoft as the technology partner for YORK’s Smart Connected Chillers, and hosts its cloud services on the Azure IoT Suite, which is ideal for collecting data from multiple connected devices.

It allows unprecedented dimensions in operations management by sending all information to the Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK) Center for Remote Control, without the need for direct human intervention.

According to Omar El Wakil, Regional Business Development Manager, YORK’s Smart Connected Chillers enable customers to obtain technical promptly, ensure proper operation, and avoid sudden interruptions in the system. The Solution also allows monitoring, the equipment’s performance in different operating conditions, contributing to real-time analysis and remediation of any problems. Other benefits include continuous product improvement, increased efficiency in spare parts inventory management, and monitoring the equipment at the customer’s site remotely. 

Omar said: “The primary goal of the center is to align with the branches and to make sure that the chillers are running at the highest efficiency. In case of a problem, the Center immediately investigates the incident, creates a service request at the chiller site, and finds out its current condition that triggered the alarm. Shortly after notifying the local branch, a technician, using the application of the Smart Connected Chiller and RAP from his phone device, diagnoses the situation and finds the appropriate solution in no time.”

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