Valmet Introduces Innovative Monitoring App for Reliable Fiber Processing Equipment Bearing Lubrication


Valmet introduces “Valmet Oil Monitoring,” a cutting-edge remote oil lubrication monitoring solution for fiber processing equipment.

Manual oil sampling is frequently impossible in the demanding settings of fiberline machinery, making proper lubrication monitoring difficult.

“Valmet’s oil monitoring system provides constant remote lube oil condition monitoring visibility through its novel sensoring and data acquisition technology,” explains Heikki Kettunen, Senior Manager, R&D, Rolls and Workshop Services.

Damage in rotating equipment is primarily caused by insufficient bearing lubrication. Valmet Oil Monitoring predicts upcoming problems by monitoring lubrication oil quality, allowing proactive measures to prevent downtime and repairs.

Valmet’s Oil Monitoring system was first used in a European pulp mill to monitor roll bearing lubrication in a TwinRoll wash press. It quickly recognized oil pollution, allowing for quick corrective maintenance.

Valmet’s modular reliability monitoring platform, launched in 2022, integrates Valmet Oil Monitoring and tailored applications for key fiber processing equipment.

Valmet’s reliability monitoring applications, which are part of the Valmet Industrial Internet suite, provide reliable solutions for fiber producers. These tools improve equipment availability and process performance.

The Valmet Oil Monitoring system can detect degradation before initial bearing failure signals, increasing process dependability.

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