Töpfer Kulmbach Selects Questec RQS-V Sheeter with Built-In Embossing Unit for 400 m/min Embossing


Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH, a German label producer, manufactures labels and flexible packaging for the beverage, food, and luxury food sectors worldwide. They offer wet-glue, self-adhesive, and wrap-around labels in film and paper.

Töpfer Kulmbach is committed to being technologically current, most recently investing in BW Papersystems’ innovative Questec RQS-V sheeter to fulfill future demands.

To accommodate pre-printed wet-glue labels (80-120 gsm), Töpfer Kulmbach sought enhanced capacity and efficiency. Successful test runs at BW Papersystems’ Hamburg facility and on a previously installed sheeter led to their decision to opt for the 1060 mm wide machine.

The sheeter was chosen for its remarkable precision, air-based sheet transport, and fast production and embossing speeds of up to 400 m/min.

Töpfer Kulmbach’s impending installation of a Questec RQS-V sheeter will provide unmatched embossing capabilities at rates of up to 400 m/min. Along with precision cutting and a reject gate feature, the system’s compact design allows for seamless integration into the existing finishing area, promising significant productivity gains.

Roland Meile, Plant Manager at Töpfer Kulmbach says, “We are looking forward to the installation of our Questec sheeter next year and the increase in efficiency it will bring.” Further he said, “A lot of time was spent on BW Papersystems' side to find the best cutting and embossing solution for us. We were really impressed by the sheeter’s speed and the good quality of the tests carried out with our label papers.”

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