Rhoss introduces the latest range of Low GDP Chillers


Rhoss has added the latest range of water-cooled chillers with stepless semi-hermetic screw compressor and R513A refrigerant gas know as FullFlow DX.

FullFLOW DX has been designed to exceed the challenging limits in terms of seasonal energy efficiency (SEER) defined by the Erp directive from 2021. This range has been designed with R513A non-flammable A1 and low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant. An eco-sustainable range in line with the new increasingly restrictive regulations in terms of limiting greenhouse gas content. Acoustic comfort is ensured by the possibility of equipping the machines with various soundproofing options to reduce noise emissions to a minimum.

The new range covers a cooling capacity from approximately 200 to 1450 kW and is available in 20 sizes:

• 5 sizes with single-compressor

• 15 sizes with double compressors / double circuit

in T-High efficiency version, to ensure both reliability and efficiency at partial loads.

New Features:

Integrated sequencer (SIR) with MASTER/SLAVE management logic for managing up to 4 equal units in parallel.

Total heat recovery, which allows you to recover the energy available at the output of the compressor without dispersing it into the environment.

New accessories to meet various and more demanding market requirements: Free-cooling management and condensation control through the management of an external dry-cooler or modulating valves/pumps.

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