KEMP develops an eco-friendly ceramic zinc plating-INNOZINC


KEMP has developed the world’s first eco-friendly, highly corrosion-resistant ceramic galvanizing, and possesses eco-friendly technology covering the fields of shipbuilding, construction, automobiles, and solar power metal surface treatment. To expand the high corrosion resistance and eco-friendly zinc plating technology to the green energy market applied to the sea, KEMP is making efforts to promote cooperation between industries, make policy recommendations, and foster industries.

As an eco-friendly solution for the corrosion method of metals, KEMP has developed an eco-friendly ceramic zinc plating-INNOZINC, which can replace hot-dip zinc plating that causes environmental pollution. The ceramic galvanizing method is with high price competitiveness compared to hot-dip galvanizing, has three times better corrosion resistance, and has excellent acid resistance, adhesion to topcoats, and weldability.

Additionally, when ceramic zinc plating-INNOZINC, is used on the water or sea, unlike hot-dip galvanizing, it does not cause problems in that zinc is eluted by contact with water, thus it is safe to be used for water in reservoirs and water sources.

Hyun-Jun, Jeon, Director, KEMP Co., Ltd. said: “If the new eco-friendly plating method applies to offshore wind power products, environmental pollution can be reduced, even in the production process of offshore wind power products (green energy), we have secured technologies that can reduce environmental pollution and ensure high corrosion resistance at a reasonable cost. We look forward to the wide application of the ceramic galvanizing plating method can be a new paradigm in the plating industry.”

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