One Click Metal launches MPRINT+3D Printer

The MPRINT+ 3D printer and MPURE powder handling system. Image via One Click Metal.

One Click Metal, a Germany-based 3D printer manufacturer, has launched its latest laser powder bed fusion 3D printer. The new MPRINT+, based on the previously released MPRINT, is an accessibility-focused metal system built for industrial prototyping and low-volume series production applications. It comes complete with a new 200W fiber laser and galvo scanner, providing higher productivity and improved precision over its predecessor.

Stefan Weber, CTO and Co-Founder, One Click Metal, states: “When introducing the fiber laser into our metal 3D printer, it was important to us that we retain the great advantages of the MPRINT, but at the same time additionally improve the existing modules of the new MPRINT+.”

With the MPRINT and MPRINT+ 3D printers, the company produces its own automated powder handling station, the MPURE, for use with its additive manufacturing systems. MPURE is an essential unpacking chamber for powder removal and recycling, with an ultrasonic sieve to boot. With a frame measuring 1.1 x 1.9 x 0.79m, the MPURE is designed to sit right next to the MPRINT+ on the shop floor, providing users with access to a holistic end-to-end workflow without much of the technical hassle. The device also features a connection port to an external vacuum cleaner, maintaining a clean working environment devoid of any loose powder.

Metal parts 3D printed on the MPRINT+. Photo via One Click Metal.

The new MPRINT+ 3D printer features a cubic build volume measuring 150 x 150 x 150mm with an inert nitrogen gas outlet. As such, it’s compatible with several reactive metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, and tool steel – all of which are provided by One Click Metal.

The machine also offers an impressive focus diameter of 45 microns and a scan speed of up to 3000mm/s, with the company claiming a cost-per-component reduction of up to 40% when compared to competitors.

Much of the system’s accessibility comes from its easy-to-use supply cartridge system, where powdered feedstock is housed, reclaimed, and transferred in modular pods. The MPRINT+ comes with four cartridge slots, each of which can hold up to 11kg of material. This translates to a 250% oversupply relative to the build volume, resulting in fewer material changes and less downtime. Each of the cartridges is also fitted with a unique NFC tag, enabling users to check fill levels on the fly while ensuring incompatible metals are not accidentally mixed.

The cartridges integrate with the company’s MPURE unpacking station to automate much of the powder handling workflow. MPURE automatically depowders the part, screens the remaining powder for recyclability, and uses an ultrasonic sieve to integrate unused powder back into a reusable cartridge – all without the user having to contact any loose powder.

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