SIGMA and SmallRig collaborate to launch Cages for fp series


SIGMA and SmallRig officially collaborated, and engineers from both sides frequently exchanged ideas and views until the final version, for the development of the accessory, to provide the best user experience for filmmakers and designers.  

Designed to provide comprehensive protection and mounting options, the SmallRig Cage for SIGMA fp series (ID: 3211) can effectively support professional video shooting and allow SIGMA users to make full use of the full image framework of the Bayer matrix in multiple scenarios.

At the same time, the SmallRig cage for the SIGMA EVF-11 ELECTRONIC SIGHT (ID: 3226) is released. It is compatible with the SmallRig cage for the fp series from SIGMA featuring, multiple threaded holes for various accessories and a quick change between different shooting modes.

The SIGMA fp L is designed for multi-scene shooting. To support this, the SmallRig cage kit for the SIGMA fp series (ID: 3227) features enhanced compatibility, and the integrated NATO rail allows for quick mounting and removal of the top handle and monitor. To maintain a compact and lightweight design the cage, is also compatible with SIGMA’s original EVF-11 ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER and related accessories, providing a comfortable shooting experience.

SIGMA fp L has established the complete ecology of handheld shooting, dual robot shooting and gimbal shooting using SmallRig accessories.

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