Flirtey to expand production of the Flirtey Eagle drone delivery system


Flirtey, the pioneer and a leader in the commercial drone delivery industry, completed the technology to certify and expand U.S. production of its best-in-class drone delivery system for last-mile delivery.

The aircraft designer and manufacturer’s technology includes the Flirtey Eagle, an advanced drone that conducts precision delivery to homes and businesses; the Flirtey Portal, a take-off and landing platform that conducts scalable operations from storefronts; and Flirtey’s autonomous software platform that conducts autonomous flight operations. Flirtey’s technology solves the last-mile delivery problem with faster, lower cost, and more convenient delivery, which takes vehicles off the roads, reduces CO2 emissions, and increases the overall safety of the transport system.

Matthew Sweeny, CEO, and Founder, Flirtey, said: “Flirtey is certifying and expanding U.S. production of delivery drones to meet growing demand. Flirtey’s technology enables businesses to operate their own logistics by providing store-to-door drone delivery to customers. Businesses who use Flirtey’s best-in-class technology for last-mile drone delivery become first-movers to unlock lower delivery costs and billions in potential new revenue. Flirtey is now taking pre-orders for drone delivery systems.”

Flirtey’s advanced technology development was led by the head of NASA’s program to fly drones over people and was first unveiled at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. With a safety-first approach, the company implemented a parachute system that can safely deploy from the delivery altitude; the aircraft lowers packages on a tether enabling safe and precise drone delivery to homes and businesses. This marks the completion of the Flirtey Eagle drone delivery system for FAA Type Certification.

Flirtey is focused on completing the FAA’s certification process, scaling fast in New Zealand where the company’s technology already has regulatory certification and expanding U.S. production of delivery drones to meet growing demand.

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