Wearwell launches a new-gen work platform


Wearwell unveils a new generation work platform – FOUNDATION, designed to raise workers to ergonomic work heights while providing a safe and stable floor. It refines work platform planning and assembly. The modularity of this bold new work platform allows reuse and redesign.

John Moughler, Chief Business Development Officer, Wearwell, said: “Breaking into an entirely new product category is serious business. We want to expand into spaces where our credibility, innovative spirit and brand recognition are an instant asset. The world of work platforms fits that criteria.”  

FOUNDATION features:

  • Quick and easy to plan and install.
  • It eliminates customer fabrication costs.
  • Stock height between 4 and 12 inches or cut for custom.
  • No welding or specialized tools are required to assemble.
  • Safe and cost-effective.

Moughler added: “Most customers are designing and fabricating their own work platforms. We believe customers will jump at the chance to get out of the platform business and leave that to Wearwell! Our NEW Foundation platform system makes this an easy option where few existed before.”

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