Essence Group launches WeR@Home+


Essence Group, a leading provider of IoT solutions for the global security and care markets, launched WeR@Home+, a next-generation security and home management platform. Essence partnership with European security service provider, including Securitas Direct Switzerland, to pilot the new offering.

Hagai Enoch, COO and Head of security division, Essence Group, said: “WeR@Home+ represents our commitment to the mass deployment of smart living solutions that provide peace-of-mind to consumers, enabling them to simplify and affordably manage their connected homes remotely. Providing a comprehensive smart home management system that is fully expandable and modular for any home environment, with self-installation and remote maintenance and configuration, enabling service providers across a range of industries – including telecommunications, insurance and real estate – to offer an array of value-added services to meet their customers’ needs, benefitting from increased ROI and more flexible business models.”

WeR@Home+ boasts a range of new capabilities, including an updated central hub with multiple connectivity options. The new hub includes 4G LTE, in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity and an extended battery backup to ensure the system is always connected. The high definition, the battery-operated video camera to provide HD video over secure radio frequency, connected locally to the hub. This offers highly secure enhanced video verification and unlimited video storage.

The highlight of the platform comprises the S5 Family of multi-functional detectors, a magnetic door/window sensor, a motion sensor with multi-zone spherical lenses for enhanced coverage, a curtain sensor, and a multi-function button programmed to perform a variety of security and smart home actions. Upgraded cloud capabilities provide unprecedented stability and flexibility for providers, including an interactive and fully customizable smartphone app and administration center, with enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling them to customize and deploy solutions tailored to customer needs.

Christian Chenaux, CEO, Securitas Direct Switzerland, said: “Securitas Direct Switzerland has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Essence Group, our valued partner has played an integral role in us becoming Switzerland’s leading security solutions provider. We are very pleased to begin this pilot with the WeR@Home+ that provides innovation and the most flexible solution through which we can protect our customers from constantly evolving security threats by enabling them to seamlessly manage their home management and security protocols.”

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