There is a demand for machines that talk to each other: Mitsubishi Electric

S. Sriram, General Manager – Sales, Industry Sales Department, Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric, speaks to Subhajit Roy on the automation industry and the direction in which company is headed…


Could you elaborate on how the automation industry is doing? What is the kind of market demand you are seeing for your products?
We were in an accelerated growth period, till a few months ago – however, in the recent times we have hit few road blocks due to slowing consumption across various sectors. However, we have been focussed in taking our products and solutions across various Industrial Sectors like Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, F&B etc. These Industries appreciate the reliability of our products and the application experience our team brings to them – hence we continue to gain the acceptance of the customer despite Industry slowdown. The other important opportunity comes from Government Initiatives like “Make in India” and “Digital India” – as policies are laid down to expand our country’s manufacturing contribution to our economy. These initiatives drive the demand for Automation and at Mitsubishi Electric India we are committed to support these initiatives through our range of Automation and Electrical Products and e-F@ctory concepts. e-f@ctory is a concept of connecting various field devices and machines in the Factory Shop floor to the Company Enterprise layer through various networks and softwares with best-in class Alliance Partners to increase Productivity, Quality, Safety and Security to the customer.

Could you elaborate on the market scenario, what are the solutions you offer which are showing a high-demand?
We have solutions to build Smart Machines and Smart Factories. Our Solutions enable Faster production, Higher Quality Control with higher degree of traceability and Lower cost of production. The solutions like Production Management, Process Control, Traceability, Predictive and Preventive Maintenance to name a few, are sought out after by industries like Automotive, Pharmaceutical and F&B.

We also have pre-engineered software development packages called iQ-Monozukuri, which in Japanese is call “The Art of Manufacturing”. The iQ Monozukuri packages for And-On, Packaging and Converting Solutions helps reduce the development and deployment of Industrial Automation Solutions to the Industry and enables faster production, reducing the time to market and increase efficiency.

Tells us more about your products…
A very important enabler for e-f@ctory solutions is the CC-Link TSN network which was Launched in India at the Automation Expo 2019. It is a Time Sensitive Network which combines with Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth, to offer high-speed connectivity across the manufacturing environment. We launched our new generation Servo called MELSERVO-J5, enabled with CC Link IE TSN high speed processing and 26-bit encoder – it offers one of the best in-class Motion Control solution to the Industry. We also added to our range of Graphic Operational Controller (GOC), previously we had a 3.5 inch controller and now we are releasing a 4.3-inch touchscreen with built-in controller.

Another very significant offer in our range, is our Mitsubishi Electric’s Artificial Intelligence software, which offers real-time data analytics. We will also be launching a ‘Collaborative Robot’ – a product developed for Human – Robot Collaboration.

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