Advanced measuring solutions for electrical maintenance & safety

Testo 755 voltage & current tester is the first of its kind which meet the latest standard and which can also measure current.


Testo Electrical Measuring Instruments is yet another set of equipment that enables any engineer or technician to curb down any sort of electrical disorder. Thanks to innovative technologies and simplified application, the Testo measuring instruments measure electrical parameters more reliably and precisely than ever before. The innovative electrical measuring instruments stand out due to their extraordinary elevated level of user-friendliness, setting new standards with intelligent and completely innovative technology. The status of all electrical plants and equipment (including electric motors, pumps and switching cabinets) can be tested reliably and highly efficiently.
This complete set comes in a portable kit with:
Testo 745 non-contact voltage tester with a voltage range of up to 1,000 V AC is particularly well-suited to fast initial checking of any suspected fault sources. It is available with a filter and is used for high-frequency interference.
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Visual and acoustic signal
• Waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67
• Measuring point illumination.

Testo 750 Voltage tester is with patented all-round LED display for visibility from all sides. They have the most essential functions for voltage testing, continuity testing and rotating magnetic field measurement.
• Clear, patented all-round LED display
• Fibre-optic technology for optimum voltage indication
• Anti-slip ring for secure grip
• Ergonomic handle shape
• Measuring point illumination.

Testo 755 voltage & current tester is the first of its kind which meet the latest standard and which can also measure current. It can determine voltage/de-energization, for measuring current and resistance, as well as for continuity tests. In addition, the integrated torch enables dark spots to be illuminated. The measuring tips can be changed easily, so that the whole instrument does not need to be replaced in the event of damage.
• Automatic measurement parameter detection
• Certified according to voltage tester standard
• Measurement result without any switching on or selection
• Measuring point illumination
• Exchangeable measuring tips.

Testo 760 multimeter is the first digital multimeter with automatic detection of measurement parameters and selection via socket assignment. Function keys replace the traditional dial on all three instruments, which means easier operation and greater reliability.
• Easy, modern operation with function keys instead of a dial
• Measurement parameter detection and selection via the socket assignment
• Prevents incorrect settings
• True root mean square measurement – TRMS
• Large, backlit display.

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