Rohde & Schwarz significantly enhances 5G device certification

The R&S TS8980 is a popular RF conformance test system family that can supports mobile technologies from 2G up to 5G on a single platform.

Rohde Schwarz 5g Device Certification

Rohde & Schwarz fulfils the certification entry criteria (CEC) for a greatly increased number of the Global Certification Forum’s (GCF) work items (WI) and PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) requests for 5G FR1 RF conformance testing. Due to 572 new GCF validations and 215 new PTCRB validations for the R&S TS8980FTA 3A, the updated version of the leading RF test system R&S TS8980 can now perform a broad range of 5G device certification tests.

The device certification process is vital for the mobile communications industry since compliance with GCF and PTCRB certification requirements ensure that handsets operate as specified in various networks. Following the recent test case validations for a large number of 5G frequency bands and band combinations, the R&S TS8980FTA 3A now fulfils 23 test platform approval criteria (TPAC) for GCF WIs.

The R&S TS8980 is a unique test solution for all radio access technologies for GSM, WCDMA, LTE and 5G, and is a well-established tool for consistent RF tests from R&D to conformance testing. The integrated test system operated by the R&S CONTEST sequencer software offers high efficiency and precise, reproducible measurement results. When combined with the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester the R&S TS8980 offers a unique and smooth upgrade path to 5G for users who already have a previous version of the solution.

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