Beckhoff introduces high-performance AX8000

AX8000 is a High-performance, multi-axis servo system supports oversampling technology used in precision processing machines and systems for which the evaluation of high-resolution measured values is a technological requirement.

Beckhoff High Performance Ax8000

Beckhoff introduced a high-performance AX8000 multi-axis servo system characterised by extremely high dynamics and very short cycle times. The maximum adjustable motor EtherCAT cycle time is 62.5 μs. Through the support of oversampling technology, process data can now be scanned several times within a communication cycle if required and transferred to the controller via EtherCAT.

New setpoint values can be transferred every 62.5 μs from the motion controller in the Industrial PC to the servo drive with the highly dynamic EtherCAT-based AX8000 servo system. Now the AX8000 firmware additionally supports oversampling technology familiar from Beckhoff EtherCAT I/Os. This enables the higher-level controller to transmit several setpoint positions or speeds to the drive within one communication cycle, which the drive then follows. Additionally, measured variables can be recorded several times in the drive and the buffered values can be made available to the controller within one cycle. Through which a chart in TwinCAT Scope View can be resolved even more finely, for example.

Synchronization with other drives, with or without oversampling functionality is possible without any problems through the distributed clocks function of the EtherCAT system.

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