PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4 encloses large and multiple pumps

chemical feed pump

Peabody Engineering introduces PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4, chemical feed pump larger footprints allow for multiple pumps in a single cabinet or larger pumps to safely contain leaks and discharges, reducing the risk of injury to workers.

Mark Peabody, CEO, Peabody Engineering, said: “With costly investments in pumps and instrumentation, and the critical need to protect workers and the environment from chemical exposure, it’s not enough to have just any secondary containment enclosure. Our PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4 enclosures ensure best practices and a vital part of an effective chemical management program, mitigating impact while reducing the number of secondary containers you need, saving you money.”

The chemical feed pumps are designed with extra room to handle any pump that will fit inside, weighing up to 500 pounds or more. PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4 also accommodate multiple pumps, controllers, piping manifolds and anything else where you need safe, secure storage.

PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4 advanced features include:

  • Durable UV-stabilized rotational molded polyethylene construction.
  • Dual lockable doors with larger windows for you to see your control area and pump inside.
  • Corrosion-resistant hinges.
  • Bottom suction outlets for pump suction and power cables.
  • Hinged top hood for ease in servicing internal equipment.
  • Optional internal cooling and heating fans or digital external air conditioning (PCS-PLUS 4).
  • Forkliftable base with molded inserts for anchoring in place and standard internal grating to elevate equipment (PCS-PLUS 4).

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