Gigajot’s new QIS enables photon counting at room temperature


Gigajot Technology, inventors of the Quanta Image Sensor (QIS), unveils a new QIS. The CMOS-based QIS devices use Gigajot’s patented sensor architecture and pixel design to record low noise, enabling accurate detection of individual photons of light.

The new QIS products can count photon at room temperature while operating at full speed and achieve a high dynamic range – all in small pixel, high-resolution formats. With 5-10x read noise improvement over conventional small pixel image sensors and enables imaging at ultra-low light levels.

Gigajot’s QIS products target high-performance imaging applications such as scientific, medical, defence, industrial, and space. The 16-megapixel GJ01611 utilizes a 1.1-micron pixel to achieve room temperature 0.19 electron read noise and less than 0.09 electron/second/pixel dark current. The 4-megapixel GJ00422 employs a 2.2-micron pixel and provides 0.27 electron read noise with a single-exposure high dynamic range of 100 dB. GJ00422 and GJ01611 evaluation and camera development are supported by Gigajot’s Camera Development Kit (QIS CDK).

Leveraging advanced stacked CMOS backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor process technology, the sensors can count photon at room temperature without elaborate cooling systems – made possible by industry-leading dark current and read noise. The single-exposure high dynamic range mitigates the motion artifacts that result from conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques.

Dr. Don Figer, Director of Center for Detectors and the Future Photon Initiative in the College of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, said: “The ability to do photon counting at room temperature is a game-changer for our research efforts in Astrophysics and Quantum Information Science.”


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