IoT Box for smaller buildings


Schneider Electric has signed a technological partnership with French technology company Wattsense to introduce a simple and interoperable BMS solution. Specially designed for energy efficiency and the sustainable development of small to medium-size buildings, the Wattsense x Schneider Electric IoT Box is easy to install and will reduce costs and inconvenient interventions on busy sites.

The EU BACS decree requires tertiary buildings to be equipped with supervision systems to optimize energy-intensive heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and lighting to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by January 2025.

Olivier Delepine, Vice Président Building & Channels, Schneider Electric France, said: “It is estimated that only 1% of tertiary buildings are renovated each year, but the sector is evolving and is undeniably tending towards compliance with the latest regulatory developments.”

Julien Bongars de Vaudeleau, Manager of Digital Building Offers, Schneider Electric France, said: “Thanks to the contribution of Wattsense, our existing offer is enriched with an IoT solution that is affordable, quick to install, and with a minimum impact on current installations. Making it possible to provide a targeted response to energy optimization requests in small to medium-size buildings.”

The Box is described as an affordable, cyber-secure solution. Interoperable with field communication protocols (noticeably private LoRaWAN networks) and IT solutions hosted in the Cloud. The Box with its simple and intuitive interface enables the integration of more than 600 connected objects.

The system’s resilience is ensured by an automatic configuration backup, which can be hosted in the cloud and updated at any time.

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