High-end Gimbal System – Out-Running Gimbal Motor GL100 by Cubemars


CubeMars gimbal motor GL100 is small size, light weight, low cogging, and low in energy consumption. It is specially designed for high-end gimbal systems. It is also compatible with AlexMos gimbal controller. It is suitable for gimbal systems, drone pods, and autonomous driving and other scenes, giving you a continuous and smooth experience.

GL100 adopts a large hollow design with a hollow shaft 30mm, which is convenient for passing through signal and power cables. The cogging torque is low, and the control is fine and easy to interact with the control system.

The overall weight of GL100 is only 698g. It is small size and light weight. In addition, it has targeted electromagnetic design, low energy consumption, low noise, suitable for long-term operation, high waterproof and dustproof better performance, and is specially designed for high-end gimbal systems.

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