Electronic position indicators: new wireless system

The new electronic position indicators DD52R-E-RF are networked to UC-RF control unit.


The new wireless spindle positioning system, designed for an efficient manual spindle positioning, consists of UC-RF control unit and, up to 36 electronic position indicators DD52R-E-RF (Elesa Patent).

Most often, machine setup is performed manually by means of traditional mechanical indicators coupled with handwheels or crank handles, following a specific list of set-up parameters.

The new electronic position indicators DD52R-E-RF are networked to UC-RF control unit via radio frequency (RF). The PLC, connected to the UC-RF control unit, allows the remote monitoring of the indicators.

This system is particularly suitable for applications that require frequent format changes, facilitating the correct adjustment of the target/current position of the machine parts, also representing a safety system. PLC can be programmed in order not to allow the machine to start the production cycle, thus avoiding production issues.

UC-RF Control unit for DD52R-E-RF PLC connection

The installation of the system is quick and easy as it does not require any cable connections between the indicators and the control unit or the PLC.

Thanks to the available functions and to the programmable parameters, one item only can be used for many applications including all shaft pitch variations, direction of rotation and unit of measure.
1. 6-digit display ensures excellent readability even from a distance and from different viewing angles.
2. High protection degree IP65 or IP67 for applications that require frequent washing, even with intense water jets.
3. Corrosion resistance: AISI 304 stainless steel boss with Ø 20 mm.
4. Long battery life: Over 3 years.

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