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Load Cell Miniature Strain Sensors Dst20 Baumer

Miniature strain sensors DST20 complement the Baumer portfolio

The miniature-format strain sensors DST20 complement the Baumer portfolio by adding a compact and cost-efficient solution for measuring large forces above 10,000 N even...

O-RX a disinfection autonomous robot

OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd (Otsaw) announced the launch of UV-C-LED Disinfection Autonomous Robot, named “O-RX”. Commencing the conceptualisation, design, materials procurement, prototype testing to...

B&R has developed a machine analysis tool: mapp Cockpit

Information is exchanged between mapp Cockpit and the automation project via the vendor-agnostic OPC UA communication protocol, and displayed in a web-based user interface....
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Güdel linear robot to enhance production using Igus sensors

-By the Automation & Robotics Content TeamAnalysing the maintenance of a product in advance is not only a goal pursued by Igus as there...
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FABTECH 3D version water jet technology

-By the Automation & Robotics Content TeamWater Jet Sweden is recognized for manufacturing industry’s most advance and high-quality water jet system. In 2018 they...
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Pepperl+Fuchs offers IO-Link master with OPC UA interference

-By the Automation & Robotics Content Team Pepperl+Fuchs has acquired Comtrol Corporation business. Comtrol is a pioneer in the field of Ethernet-based industrial communication and...
AAF International showcases sensor technology | Sensor Technology: Automation Sensors, EEMEA, Collision Sensor, Aaf Flanders Filters, New Sensor Technology, Sensor 360 Product, Industrial Automation Sensors

AAF International showcases sensor technology

-By the Automation & Robotics World Content Team AAF International – a brand well-known for manufacturing air filtration solutions sport a comprehensive portfolio. Rahul Uppal,...

Getac new solutions could be a boon to automation

-By the Automation & Robotics Content TeamMobile computing manufacturer – Getac announced its partnership with the BMW Group via a press communiqué. As a...

An industry of opulence: How far can we go?  

The automation sector in India shows promise and is estimated to touch $2 billion by the year 2023. While representatives from the industry take...
India Canada Victor Fedeli Minister Economic Development Ontario Canada | Automation & Robotics World Magazine

India-Canada: Boosting Trade & Investment

India and Canada are countries that show promise when it comes to international trade. Could apprise us on the current status of the trade...

Deciphering automation within the scope of water treatment

Assert the use and the importance of automation in the field of water purification; What are the opportunities for digitally-automated water technologies, does a...

WAGO: Deciphering the automation market

WAGO has long been in the automation sector technologies, said Alok Kishore, Chief Executive Officer, WAGO India. “If we go back, we were perhaps...

Understanding the Scope: Robotics in India

Could you tell me in-brief about yourself, the company and your work within the automation and the robotics sector in India? I head Brabo Robotics...