PBMN Flush pressure sensor eases the operation of printing robot

The PBMN Flush is a fully-welded pressure sensor that ensures error-free operation of the 3D concrete printer providing outstanding accuracy.


The renowned research institute NCCR DFAB is part of the ETH Zurich and elaborates on concrete processing solutions using 3D printing robots. In close cooperation with the sensor manufacturer Baumer they implemented a reliable solution for pressure monitoring in robot-supported 3D printing. The precise PBMN Flush pressure sensor eases the operation of the printing robot but also ensures 3D printing quality and, precise dosing in the medium flow.

This new development approach to enhance printing processes allows for the transmission of complicated print paths to the robot controller straight out of the CAD system. The objective is implementing automated concrete prints without the need for complex formwork. This calls for exact adherence to various process parameters because failing to observe them would entail imprecise printing results. Pressure monitoring right at the outlet of the print head as well as the medium pressure at the beginning of the line is important indicators for even and steady flow of the used medium. Monitoring pressure values will reliably identify line blockings which among other things, prevent damage. Particularly when it comes to more complex shapes, any non-smooth or even excess medium flow will impair the print quality and, worst case would result in aborting the printing process or collapsing formwork.

Even under such very harsh ambient conditions, the high-precision pressure sensor PBMN Flush in robust stainless steel housing reliably monitors pressure to ensure error-free operation of the 3D concrete printer. The fully-welded pressure sensor merges robustness with outstanding precision.

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