Kennametal launches the HPR Solid Carbide Drill

Drill Kennametal

Kennametal has introduced an expansion of its solid carbide drilling portfolio, the HPR drill for high-performance drilling of cast iron workpieces. Designed for high-speed and high-feed drilling up to 8 x D in any ISO-K material, the HPR drill provides excellent hole straightness even at highest cutting parameters.

The drill’s patented point thinning, special gashing, and a 143°-point angle provide excellent self-centring capabilities and reduce thrust, keeping the drill running straight even at the highest feed rates. Additionally, four margin lands deliver maximum stability when drilling cross holes and inclined exits. A corner radius improves tool life significantly and provides excellent hole quality, meeting a hole tolerance range of IT9 to IT10 while effectively eliminating the workpiece chipping when exiting the hole.

Frank Martin, Product Manager, Kennametal said: “The drill’s low-thrust point design gives users the option to apply the drill under less-than-ideal clamping conditions, or on thin-walled applications, or simply when spindle power is the limiting factor.“ 

The drill’s proprietary AlTiN/AlTiSiN multilayer coating withstands the extreme abrasion and high thermal loads encountered when drilling gray cast iron, ductile iron, CGI, ADI, and GGG. The new coating is also resistant against the inclusions and pores commonly faced in these challenging materials. 

Ultra-high polished flutes and wide flute cross-section promote efficient chip evacuation and further reduce heat and resulting thermal shock. The new HPR drill comes with standard coolant through and with a DIN 6535 and 69090-03 MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) interface. With these features, the drill excels in either wet or dry machining conditions.

Martin said: “Whether drilling large quantities of holes or overcoming typical challenges in any type of cast iron workpiece, the HPR drill is the solution.”

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