Veritone and Vixen Labs Join Forces

Strategic partnership enables expansion of market offerings that help brands and corporations evolve their commercial enterprises to IoT and beyond

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Veritone, Inc., creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, announced today it has partnered with London-based Vixen Labs, Europe’s leading voice agency. With a shared mission to advance the adoption of sonic identity—the audio identity for brands and enterprises—through the accessibility to synthetic media and conversational AI, the strategic partnership will bring together the unique capabilities of each organization, enabling both to expand market offerings and global reach while helping brands and corporations evolve their commercial enterprises to IoT and beyond.

“This is truly the perfect pairing of two companies with exceptional complementary strengths that will provide customers tremendous competitive advantages,” said Sean King, Senior Vice President, Veritone. “With Vixen Labs’ deep subject matter expertise in conversational AI dialogue workflow and Veritone’s world-class synthetic voice and media management workflows, we are well-equipped and ideally positioned to help major brands and corporations increase market share at a time when audio is becoming essential to brand identity.”

Vixen Labs is a full-service voice agency, providing strategy, product design and voice app development services that helps brands and businesses tell stories, solve problems and sell through voice-first technology and conversational interfaces. Working with Fortune and FTSE 500 brands, Vixen Labs drives business value by helping brands connect with audiences in the most intuitive way possible. Its full-service offering covers strategy development, voice search optimization, voice app builds, audio content and marketing and is the creator of the leading study the Voice Consumer Index.

Sonic identity—the audio essence of a brand—is nothing new, yet few consumers can associate a specific sound or voice to more than a handful of brands. Those who understand the value in creating one, however, are gaining a competitive edge. According to research from Edison, 62% of Americans said they have used some kind of voice assistance technology, whether related to searching or shopping online, ordering food, requesting a ride, scheduling an appointment or paying bills. That number is expected to climb as more interaction takes place in the digital world.

With a heritage rooted in AI, Veritone is continually extending the power of synthetic voice technology in innovative and inclusive ways. is the next logical step, delivering an ethical-based synthetic voice that leverages AI and machine learning to generate authentic synthetic voices in hundreds of different languages. With expertise in this field, Veritone has the capability to create and scale voice as a service (VaaS) through proven business applications in audio, advertising, media and licensing. Built on Veritone’s aiWARE, the first operating system for AI, user experience is consistent and connected across existing Veritone applications. This means users have access to evolving best-of-breed voice engines and can combine them with other cognitive capabilities like transcription, translation, sentiment analysis and more.

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