Understanding automation within the scope of renewables

Understanding the role of automation, end-user education as stressors and influencers within the renewable sector in India- by Ranjana Konatt, Associate Editor.


Automation and robotic technologies are gradually finding its way into the Indian industrial sector, and representatives assert the pressing need to meet end-user requirements. While automation and robotics do take some weight off human activity, having technology also ensures quality and standard in the work being carried out. Reiterating the thought was Aayushman Goyal, Sr. Manager – New Product Development, Ganges International.

He said: “As a company that works on robotic cleaning for solar panels, we know the use and importance of having the cleaning of solar panels completely automated.” Especially solar panels must be maintained with a time-to-time cleaning activity. On the other hand, he highlighted that India is a price-sensitive market and that people are looking at robotic cleaning, and price continues to remain an over-ruling factor to the inclusion of automation and robotic solutions.

Ganges International Cleaning Robot

However, costs are very often minimal when it comes to solar-powered robotic cleaning systems. He said: “We have a self-powered robots and there is minimal maintenance required.” Automation and robotics have been seeing slow growth in India and cost would be a ruling factor if the industry was to grow and expand like America and China. Presently, he added, the cost is the over-ruling factor, and otherwise, India is moving steadily towards an industrial revolution.

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