Southco introduces AC-11-EM Rotary Latch Actuator

Southco's new Rotary Latch Actuator features a modern and integrated electronic locking function.

Southco Introduces Ac 11 Em Rotary Latch Actuator

Southco expands its rotary latch actuators with a new version that combines keyless electronic locking with modern design. Southco’s AC-11-EM Rotary Latch Actuator with electronic locking functionality eliminates the need for mechanical key access when connected to a remote access controller, such as a key fob, or an existing control system, such as a button located within a vehicle’s interior.

The AC-11-EM Rotary Latch Actuator eases operation when opening panels and doors with a gloved hand while reducing snag and catch points with its electronically controlled locking featuring a flush mount oval shape that complements modern industrial styling. It also features a heavy-duty design and corrosion-resistant construction providing robust protection for outdoor applications including off-highway entry doors and speciality vehicle storage panels. Available with a variety of key locking options, the AC-11 provides direct, single or multipoint actuation of a connected latch.

Cindy Bart, Global Product Manager, Southco said: “The AC-11-EM Rotary Latch Actuator with electronic locking provides a convenient upgrade to electronic access control. The rounded edge provides a sleek look that complements applications where dependable remote actuation of a connected rotary latch is critical.”

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