Smart drylin linear guide maintenance based on the principle of the traffic light

Smart Drylin
Based on the traffic light principle, the maintenance technician is now informed via an LED display on the carriage of the drylin linear guide whether the liner needs to be replaced.

The drylin linear guide systems have to withstand extreme conditions in continuous operation. To have the linear guides slide without lubricant igus relies on linear bearings made of high-performance polymers. 

Based on the traffic light principle ‘stop when red, go when green’ the maintenance technician can now find out via a red/green LED display on the carriage whether the liner is in good condition or has already reached the wear limit of 0.5mm at the push of a button. 

For continuous operation, igus has developed a smart drylin linear system to detect wear in the tribo-polymer bearings at an early stage. Due to this the linear axis or the multiple-axis robot with a toothed belt, drive no longer has to be disassembled. 

Stefan Niermann, Head of Drylin Drive Technology, igus GmbH said: “On the part of our customers, however, there was also feedback that a uniform, superordinate and economical system for processing the signals was not yet available. That’s why we have now additionally developed a solution that fulfils the function completely without a network connection.”

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