REMnux toolkit version 7 now available

REMnux version 7 is now available for free downloading, installation, and exploration.

Remnux Toolkit Sans Digital Forensics Incident Response
Photo by Ales Nesetril on unsplash

SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), a curriculum focus area of SANS Institute, announces the availability of version 7 of the REMnux toolkit for malware analysis, founded and primarily maintained by Lenny Zeltser, SANS Faculty Fellow and course author. Updates to the REMnux toolkit will be shared and discussed by Lenny Zeltser in a SANS webcast on 28th July’20.

The new REMnux Version 7 refreshes its curated collection of tools to include the latest versions of the utilities useful for tasks such as examining suspicious executables, documents, and other artefacts, dynamically reverse-engineering malicious code, performing memory forensics on an infected system, exploring network and system interactions for behavioural analysis and analyzing malicious documents.

Lenny Zeltser, Founder and Primary Maintainer of the toolkit said: “I’m very excited about releasing the new version of REMnux. I’d like to extend a big thank you to all the authors of the tools that comprise the REMnux distro, without whom we’d be stuck analyzing malware with pen and paper. Also, I’m grateful to Corey Forman and Erik Kristensen who’ve contributed their time and expertise to this REMnux release. And thank you to REMnux beta testers for providing feedback, fixes, and advice.”

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