New Microscope Offers More Accuracy with Lesser Human Error

The VHX-7000 4K ultra-high 5th gen microscope provides a high-resolution image, multi-angle observation, customised reports, 3D view, an accurate measurement of the sample, or object analysed…


-By Abegail D’mello

The worldwide well-known supplier of sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems KEYENCE has introduced the world’s first 4K ultra-high 5th gen microscope – VHX-7000. The microscope can capture high-resolution images and measurement data for inspection and failure analysis, at a push of a button. It is an application for major industries, which include automobile, electronics, pharma etc.

Recently, the supplier presented a technical guide at a webinar that showed a comparison example of a single 9 pin connector between KEYENCE VHX-7000 and a conventional microscope on the following parameters:

Image Clarity:

The image of the 9 pin connector was much clear (high-resolution) under the KEYENCE VHX-7000 due to its 20 times larger depth of field than a conventional microscope.

Multi-angle observation:

One cannot move the conventional microscope to view the sides of an object as it has a fixed camera and lens attachment. However, with VHX-7000, it is possible to observe the object from different angles by releasing a lock.

Split-screen observation & customised reports:

You can compare the object viewed from different angles with a split-screen option. With the right configuration, one can achieve the accuracy of + or – 1 micron. Reports of the observation can be generated in a customised format depending on the users’ requirement.

Advanced features of VHX-7000

  • The VHX-7000 H Direction Function helps achieve accurate results eliminating human errors, which may occur while measuring an object.
  • VHX-7000 can focus on the entire object uniformly, displaying a focused image than a conventional microscope.
  • One can have their sample displayed in a 3D view and measure the same in a 3D format.
  • Optical Shadow Effect (Optical SEM) this technique helps detect the precise regularities on the sample with ease by capturing multiple frames of an image at varying angles. It can also show surface details in colour and height colour of the image and collect a detailed analysis of the sample.
  • While analysing a contaminant, the microscope splits the sample into multiple areas recording each area separately to analyse the contaminant over a wider area. This process is completely automated eliminating, the need for a professional to carry out the analysis in-turn also saves time.
  • The VHX-7000 can measure rough surfaces (irregular surface) without coming in contact with the object/rough surface preventing deformation during the testing process. Also, there is no limitation concerning the shape of the surface.

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