Meltio Revolutionizes The Ability Of A Robotic Arm To Manufacture 3D Printed Metal


With its ultimate Meltio Space software, Meltio enables  a robotic arm to manufacture 3D printed metal parts with highly accurate and reliable designs.

Meltio Space is a toolpath generator software for the Meltio Engine Robot Integration with an easy-to-use interface for planar, non-planar, and variable extrusion toolpaths. It also includes 2-axis workpiece positioner interpolation, kinematics simulation, collisions check, and cell configuration. This advanced robot slicer simplifies the use of Meltio’s wire-laser metal 3D printing technology of the most popular robotic brands with a built-in robot library and post-processors for ABB, Kuka, FANUC and Yaskawa.

This new slicer is an innovative addition to the Meltio product lineup, offering a new perspective on 3D printing by breaking free from the limitations of traditional 3-axis systems. Meltio Space takes a step further and expands the possibilities by incorporating advanced robotic manipulation capabilities.

It is a new generation software designed for additive manufacturing for the Meltio Engine integrated into a robotic arm integration. Prior to the launch of Meltio Space, the company had signed an agreement with 12 major software companies with which its technology is compatible and open.

By offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this advanced robot slicer simplifies the integration of the most popular robotic brands with a built-in robot library and post-processors for ABB, Kuka, FANUC, and Yaskawa. Unlike other software solutions, the Meltio Space robot slicer includes these features at no extra cost. Moreover, Meltio Space removes complexity in the 3D printing workflow, making it accessible to industrial users of all levels.

So the main objective of Meltio technology is to give the most remarkable tool that can enable the industry most of the existing applications in the industry. The proprietary robot slicer is a revolutionary software solution designed to bridge the gap between additive manufacturing users and robotics. With a strong focus on user experience, it offers a fully tailored customer journey centered around the seamless integration between the Meltio Engine and Meltio Space, a cutting-edge robotic system.

Meltio Space robot slicer employs a virtual model of the real robot movement. This advanced feature allows users to simulate the kinematics of the robot, ensuring accurate and precise printing. Additionally, the slicer performs collision checks with the part being printed, minimizing the risk of errors or damage during the additive manufacturing process.

Meltio Space software main features:

  1. Empower Meltio Users
  2. Maximize Meltio Engine
  3. Unlock Complex Geometries
  4. Reduce Programming Time
  5. Dynamic Innovation
  6. Reliable Support
  7. Best Value for Money

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