Leopard Imaging Collaborates with Socionext, Hailo, and AWS

Leopard Imaging collaborates with Socionext, Hailo, and AWS to launch EdgeTuring, a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) processing solution for video analytics.


Leopard Imaging Inc. (Leopard Imaging), a leading global provider of embedded camera design and manufacturing, collaborates with three leading companies to deliver EdgeTuring: a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) processing solution for video analytics. Leopard is working with Hailo, an AI chipmaker for edge devices, Socionext, a leading provider of advanced system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for imaging and video systems; and Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms, to launch their transformative solution. The venture produces high image quality and high energy efficiency for AI inference nodes, benefiting a wide range of applications in industrial automation, smart devices, smart retail, and others.    

Leopard Imaging has been working to address the need for affordable multiprocessing power in deep learning applications. Using Socionext’s SC2000 image signal processor and the Hailo-8 M.2 AI acceleration module, Leopard Imaging’s EdgeTuring consumes less power, higher performance level, and ensures reliability for video analytics and privacy at the edge than alternative solutions. Leveraging AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams (Amazon KDS), EdgeTuring creates a seamless experience for customers to stream and analyze videos using a simple internet connection.  

Bill Pu, President and Co-Founder, Leopard Imaging, said: “EdgeTuring has an accuracy ranging from 95% to 99% for several states of the art deep learning-based computer vision applications, such as object detection, image classification and others. Additionally, it processes frames much faster, supports more functions, consumes less power, and costs much less than any comparable solution—all with the ability to stream inputs in real-time. We believe that this strategic collaboration will help us carve a new path forward in the AI-driven camera industry. We want to break away from the status quo and embrace these opportunities to adopt new AI solutions.”   

Orr Danon, CEO and Co-Founder, Hailo, said: “We are excited to work with Leopard Imaging, Socionext, and AWS to bring unprecedented AI-based products to the edge market. As demand for AI at the edge grows, our innovative AI processor and acceleration modules, together with the solutions created by these industry leaders, will help usher in a new generation of AI that is more powerful, more scalable, and more cost-efficient.”  

Takuji Nukiwa, President, Socionext America, said: “It’s a pleasure to announce our strategic collaboration with three global leaders in the AI solutions space. When it comes to edge technology, our new generation of chips enables more capabilities, and these new capabilities lead to new opportunities. The transformation of edge technology ushers in a new wave of smart industries that will continue to evolve and grow, with the changing technologies.”

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