J & E Hall launches VFD and VVR Compressors


J & E Hall has now launched a new range of HallScrew compressors with built-in variable frequency drive (VFD) and variable volume ratio (VVR).

The new HallScrew compressor offers the most efficient way of adapting the capacity of the compressor to the requirements of the load. Inverter technology allows the compressor motor speed to vary and optimise power to create a precisely controlled temperature. This proves to be significantly more efficient than operating the compressor at a fixed speed with slide control and can save up to 23% in energy consumption.

VVR allows the volume ratio to be adapted by moving the loading valves. In essence, the VVR adapts the point at which the refrigerant leaves the compressor which changes the pressures at discharge. By doing this the volume ratio of the compressor is optimised for any running condition. Hence, reducing energy consumption further. 

Additional benefits are ease installation, maintenance, noiseless operation, outstanding reliability, efficiency and wide-ranging cooling capacities.


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