Infosenseglobal introduces New Artificial Intelligence Division


Infosenseglobal introduces its newest division, focusing exclusively on building innovative artificial intelligence solutions for businesses looking to accelerate digital transformation. With decades of experience in information technology, the new artificial intelligence division seeks to work together with companies to create new and novel solutions using cutting-edge technology.

Hitesh Ruparelia, CEO, Infosenseglobal, said: “It’s clear that artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future, and that this new division is unlocking a new way forward for technology that will transform the way businesses operate. Machine learning offers an immense amount of potential across industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing and many more, and there is clear potential to create real change across sectors. ” 

According to Hitesh Ruparelia, as businesses begin to see the possibilities and opportunities that artificial intelligence creates, demand will continue to grow for solutions that go beyond the surface and seek to pinpoint areas of improvement. It has become abundantly clear that there is a need for expert companies that can help companies solve complex challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.

Ruparelia added: “The company has more plans in the future to expand and meet the increased demand Infosenseglobal is seeing. With this division, Infosenseglobal is harnessing the technology of the future to create solutions that are laser-focused when it comes to what is needed to create impact and deliver true value to businesses and their clients.”

Infosenseglobal’s artificial intelligence and machine learning division will be catered to businesses across sizes and industries through a collaborative approach with clients to identify issues and create artificial intelligence solutions accordingly. The division has developed pathways for quick deployment and custom build that can fit a variety of timelines and budgets.

This collaborative approach will also include innovative ways of working, such as sprints to craft custom AI solutions for clients. This will include workshops, prototyping, and deployment to deliver value and create novel solutions in a short timeframe for maximum impact. To accomplish this, Infosenseglobal plans to incorporate agile working methods into working sessions, ensuring quick and timely solution delivery to clients.

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