Indian market a tough one, says Jacob GmbH

Wind energy is not prospering as well as it used to be in India. We are shifting our focus more to machine building and the automation industry now, says Bettina Schmeiduch, Marketing Director, Jacob GmbH - Interviewed by Subhajit Roy, Group Editor.


The Indian market is presently a tough one to function in. Reiterating the statement is Bettina Schmeiduch, Marketing Director, Jacob GmbH. “Wind energy is not prospering as well as it used to be in India. We have been supplying to machine building and the automation industry, and will increase our effort in these segments” she said. Also, we are looking at the railway industry and other major metro projects. She expects the market to pick up in the second half of the next financial year. Business-wise, she says, we are strong in the segment of the windmill and the power industry in India. Elaborating further on the company, she asserted that Jacob GmbH is a German-based company that has been around for nearly one hundred years. “We specialise in cable entry systems and cable entry products.” Elaborating on the company’s target customers in India, she added: “Besides the renewable energy sector, our customers mainly function in the automation sector, they do robotics and even function in electro motors.”

Elaborating on whether the products produced by the company were customised as per the requirements of the Indian market, she said: “We have a large range of products that are globally relevant, and they are the same everywhere.” However, she said the company was capable of providing specialised solutions for a client in India or any other country. While stating the market acceptance of her products, Schmeiduch said: “Our customers are very conscious about quality, because problems due to low-quality components on a wind turbine will cause much higher follow-up costs as compared to the product cost itself. We are not competing in the low-quality market bracket.”

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