HS Series offers engineers an advanced DPT design solution


Superior Sensor Technology’s HS Series, an advanced family of differential pressure transmitter (DPT) subsystems offers engineers a flexible, accurate, and easily configurable DPT design solution for HVAC and industrial air handling systems. The HS Series is a DPT subsystem that includes the already popular performance features of the HV Series with additional management of factory programmable DIP switches, pushbuttons, and a self-calibrating analog output channel. Standard DPT features of pressure range selection, output voltages ranges, pressure modes, field zeroing, field full-scale calibration, and response time selection are all supported.

For instance, with the easy-to-use configuration application, up to 32 pressure ranges from 0.1 to 60 inH2O (25 to 15k Pa) can be factory assigned for a given DPT in various pressure units. Additionally, eliminating the factory calibration requirement after configuration. The HS Series’ easy-to-use configuration software allows design engineers to fully define, develop and implement product features in minutes while virtually eliminating manufacturing calibration and test.

Tim Shotter, CTO, and Co-Founder, Superior Sensor Technology, said: “Our new HS Series offers customers for the first time a turnkey DPT platform that can be easily configured to support different, custom OEM specific products requirements. The integration, flexibility, and accuracy achieved in our HS Series is a template for engineers to easily and quickly implement a full-featured DPT that requires no calibration, is reconfigurable, and virtually eliminates manufacturing changeovers. This is a solution set driven to simultaneously satisfy marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and the bottom line.”

The HS Series is built on the Company’s NimbleSense architecture, a fully integrated, system-on-a-sensor that combines processing intelligence with signal path integration and proprietary algorithms to create modular building blocks that are easily selectable to support a wide array of features.

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