Grundfos’s CRE intelligent pumps are one-stop plug and play solutions

Grundfos Cre Pumps

Grundfos CRE pumps are the ideal choice for most industrial applications and commercial buildings. These pumps are optimized with the best pump parts that can withstand any intense application such as high-pressure, hot, dangerous or aggressive liquids. 

Grundfos CRE pumps offer highly efficient ‘E’ version motors with a built-in frequency converter, controller and permanent magnet motor with IE5 efficiency, combining the very best of pump technology with intelligent motors. They do not allow the use of energy more than required and excessively used in HVAC, cooling towers, pressure boosting, boiler feed, water treatment and several other industrial applications. They include a user-friendly controller interface with advanced features and functionalities that reduce maintenance cost.

Grundfos CR and CRE pumps are the best vertical multistage centrifugal pump in the market that help boost the pressure of water equally during demanding times. Advanced simulation-driven design and validation processes have made it possible to optimize the hydraulic design of the new generation of the Grundfos CR vertical multistage inline pump and achieve world-class efficiency along with E-motors. The Grundfos CRE features a one-stop solution for all variable pumping needs with a plug-and-play solution

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