FANUC’s LR Mate 200iD/14L features its tenth model variations


FANUC America, the leading supplier of CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs, introduced the LR Mate 200iD/14L, the tenth model variation of the popular LR Mate series of tabletop industrial robots.

The popularity of the LR Mate robot series is due to FANUC’s world-renowned reliability with several unique features including, its lightweight, tabletop size. Additionally, the LR Mate can process or handle parts weighing up to 14kg in the automotive, e-commerce and warehousing, food and beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, and many other industries. Ten models include clean room and wash proof versions, each with various wrist speeds and reaches to accommodate even the most limited workspace.

Carolyn Chase, Product Manager, LR Mate robot series, FANUC America, said: “Since its initiation in 1992, the LR Mate robot has been deployed in a variety of traditional manufacturing and service applications. Some of the most interesting things we’ve seen this robot do include serving coffee, fulfilling orders in retail stores, and preparing fast foods.”

FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robots

The LR Mate 200iD robots offer work envelope for both upright and invert mount installations. It also offers an ISO Class 4 cleanroom/food-grade variant for food handling and healthcare packaging applications.

These small tabletop robots can be equipped with intelligent features, including robot vision and force sensing functionality for even higher levels of accuracy and productivity.

Features and Benefits

– Slim arm and compact footprint minimizes interference to peripheral devices in tight spaces.
– Available in three variations: standard, short, and long arm.
– 4kg to 14kg wrist load capacity with up to six-axis articulation.
– Fastest joint axes speeds maximize system throughput.
– Integrated 24VDC power, signal and air for easy end-of-arm-tool connection.
– Integrated thru-arm cable option for iRVision, force sensing, Ethernet and auxiliary axes.
– Flexible mounting (upright, invert, angle).
– High rigidity and the most advanced servo technology enable smooth motion at high speeds.
– Easy integration into machines.
– Features the lightest mechanical unit in its class.
– Standard IP67 rating allows operation in factory environments with dust and oil mist; many variants have an optional IP69K rating for wash proof, clean room or food grade environments.

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