FABTECH 3D version water jet technology

Alexander Putter Wrv6rl Nues Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Pütter on Unsplash

-By the Automation & Robotics Content Team

Water Jet Sweden is recognized for manufacturing industry’s most advance and high-quality water jet system. In 2018 they made an augmented reality at FABTECH ATLANTA with a 3D version of one of their most advance water jet technology. In 2019 they bought that experience to FABTECH CHICAGO.

With the 3D AR version of their FiveX machine at FABTECH, the customers will be able to get closer to the operational cutter while observing it in 1:1, 1:4 or 1:10 scale. It can be set up whenever they wish and then taken home on their smartphone or tablet.

Lennart Svensson, CEO and President of Water Jet Sweden said: “Augmented Reality made it easy for them to bring a full-scale operational machine to FABTECH 2018 allowing everyone to experience it – after which they could take it home with them.” He added, “Our 3D AR machine will give a life-like experience of our large-scale 3D cutting system.”

Water Jet Sweden offer customised systems depending on the customer’s requirement, from cutting small micro-components to large ship constructions. Upon project completion, new machines are set up and immediately brought into full production at a customer´s facility. This makes the moving of machines for exhibition purposes very impractical.

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