Dwyer Instruments to use HV210 pressure sensor in its DP3 wireless pressure module

HV210 press sensor outstanding Signal-to-Noise Ratio and multi-range functionality distinguish the DP3 in the Market.


Superior Sensor Technology announced that Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is using the HV210 pressure sensor in its Series DP3 Wireless Differential Pressure Module for measuring airflow and velocity in HVAC equipment. With the industry’s lowest noise floor, best Total Error Band (TEB) and dual die implementation, the HV210 has been optimized for extremely low-pressure HVAC applications. Additionally, with the support of Superior Sensor’s advanced Multi-Range technology, the HV210 is configurable to seamlessly work with seven different pressure ranges from 0.1″ H2O to 10″ H2O with an industry-leading accuracy within 0.10% on each selected range. This capability in the HV210 enables the Series DP3 Wireless Differential Pressure Module to support ultra-low pressures, auto-ranging with optimal performance down to 0.1″ H2O.

Robert Moss, Director of Engineering and New Product Development, Dwyer Instruments, said: “At low air flows, what is most critical is minimizing the impact of noise. The HV210 is an amazing sensor that provides a 10X improvement in Signal-to-Noise (SNR) relative to competing offerings and enables the DP3 to support seven pressure ranges without degradation in performance.”

The HV210 is based on the company’s proprietary NimbleSenseTM architecture, which is the first intelligent system-in-a-sensor that offers manufacturers a high-performance, configurable, flexible sensor solution. Using the Multi-Range Technology, the HV210 supports seven pressures within one sensor, 25 Pa/0.1″ H2O, 62.5 Pa/0.25″ H2O, 125 Pa/0.5″ H2O, 250 Pa/1″ H2O, 625 Pa/2.5″ H2O, 1250 Pa/5″ H2O and 2500 Pa/10″ H2O, with an industry-leading accuracy within 0.10% and TEB of <0.15% on each selected pressure. The dual die in the HV210 enables it to maintain the highest levels of accuracy and performance regardless of product movement or orientation. This is a key benefit for handheld devices such as the DP3 offered by Dwyer.

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