Brigade Electronics suggests devices to ensure safety in the heavy equipment rental industry


Renting heavy machinery has become increasingly popular in the construction and mining industries with many companies now opting to rent instead of purchase equipment. Market analysts predict that the heavy equipment rental industry is set to grow by 11% over the next three years as construction companies look for ways to improve efficiency. 

However, while heavy equipment rental providers must ensure that machinery is properly maintained and fit for purpose, they should also ensure that equipment can meet their customer’s safety needs both on and off-site.

Corey Heniser, working at Brigade Electronics INC – a market-leading provider of safety devices and solutions for commercial vehicles and machinery, said: “Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the world so, site safety is critical to preventing deaths and injuries. This includes alleviating any risks that could be caused by machinery and vehicles.”

Corey added: “Commercial vehicle safety systems, such as 360-degree cameras, warning alarms, and radar obstacle detection, are all ways to improve safety and control the risks associated with operating heavy machinery in difficult conditions.”

Corey Heniser, from Brigade INC, has provided a guide for heavy equipment rental providers, recommending essential safety devices such as camera monitoring systems, back up and warning alarms, radar obstacle detection and mobile digital recorders for the most common types of plant rental machinery, including excavators, loaders, dozers, and dump trucks.  

Incidents involving vehicles can be extremely time-consuming and costly to resolve. A lack of solid evidence can often mean companies accept liability or operators are unfairly blamed, leading to increased costs for businesses and stress for operators. Vehicle-mounted cameras capture footage, providing an accurate account of events and important proof in the event of a dispute.

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