B&R taking packaging machinery to a whole new level


B&R is opening up entirely new levels of machine and line performance in terms of increased flexibility and availability at all stages from primary, secondary packaging to end-of-line solutions. B&R products make it easy to seamlessly integrate advanced automation into packaging machines, including web services, advanced motion control and robotics, safety, vision systems and IT connectivity.

To be globally competitive, manufacturers must eliminate all sources of inefficiency. Continuous line monitoring enables early identification and elimination of problems, thus, increasing efficiency and boosting production output. “With just a few mouse clicks, a convenient line monitoring system can be implemented using APROL process and factory automation system from B&R. The solution is based on OMAC’s PackML standard, which can be applied to virtually any machine,” says Dinesh Mungi, Packaging Industry expert at B&R India.

Ultimate production flexibility and effectiveness

Packaging lines place a stringent demand on productivity and flexibility across the board. “B&R’s adaptive machine, ACOPOStrak represents the fourth generation of packaging machinery technology, which allows cost effective mass customisation. Across the globe, a number of packaging machines ranging from fillers, cappers and labelers to cartoners, assembly systems, rainbow packers and indexing systems are benefitting from ACOPOStrak,” explains Mungi. “ACOPOStrak boosts overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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