B&R has developed a machine analysis tool: mapp Cockpit

B&R’s maap Cockpit is an advance yet simplified tool for machine analysis, it's ready to use at the push of a button with no additional programming.

Image by Carlos Muza from unsplash

Information is exchanged between mapp Cockpit and the automation project via the vendor-agnostic OPC UA communication protocol, and displayed in a web-based user interface. Diagnostics performed by mapp Cockpit and B&R automation system is flexible and compliant with an established standard.

Axes and axis groups, for example, can be controlled directly in the organized mapp Cockpit dash-board. The commands for the components – which are otherwise available as function blocks – are easily executed with the simple push of a button. The components react can then be observed in real-time on the watch window, where all relevant values are displayed in graphic form.

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