BotGenius a genius for the mortgage industry

BotGenius is developed to automate the most repetitive and routine tasks, currently being performed by the mortgage industry employees.

Botgenius Mortgage Industry Automation Software
Photo by Christopher Gower on unsplash

Recently, Indecomm Global Service, a provider of business services and technology solutions for the mortgage industry, announced the release of BotGenius. BotGenius is a collection of software robots that are pre-programmed to emulate human-computer interaction functions for specific standardized processes, tasks, and workflows in the mortgage industry.

BotGenius robots are a part of Indecomm’s Automation Continuum framework for the mortgage industry, which helps lenders of all sizes automate the middle-office functions. Over the years Indecomm has developed a deep understanding of the processes, tasks and workflows that could benefit most from Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using that expert knowledge, Indecomm’s BotGenius collection of robots automates the most repetitive and routine tasks, currently being performed by the mortgage industry’s most valuable assets – their employees.

Rajan Nair, CEO, Indecomm Global Services said: “Our approach to applying robotic process automation is innovative, contextualized, and developed specifically for the mortgage industry. BotGenius easily integrates with leading loan origination systems right out of the box, without a lengthy integration, and provides a rapid return on investment with predictable costs. It is an integral part of our Automation Continuum framework which lays out a comprehensive and pragmatic automation strategy for lenders to adopt.”

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