Boston Dynamics makes box movement easy

Image credit: Boston Dynamic

Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robotics, launched Stretch, a robot designed to move boxes to support the growing demand for flexible automation solutions in the logistics industry.

The multi-purpose mobile robot is designed to tackle several tasks where rapid box moving is required, starting with truck unloading and expanding into order building. The robot’s small, omnidirectional mobile base allows it to navigate loading docks, manoeuvre in tight spaces and adapt to changing facility layouts, eliminating the need for costly fixed automation infrastructure. It is a customised design equipped with a lightweight arm and a smart-gripper with advanced sensing and controls that can handle a large variety of boxed and shrink-wrapped cases. Stretch also includes Boston Dynamics’ computer vision technology, enabling easy box identify without extensive training for each customer. Its vision system works in tandem with pick & place activity.

Robert Playter, CEO, Boston Dynamics, said: “Warehouses are struggling to meet rapidly increasing demand as the world relies more on just-in-time delivery of goods. Mobile robots enable the flexible movement of materials and improve working conditions for employees. Stretch combines Boston Dynamics’ advancements in mobility, perception and manipulation to tackle the most challenging, injury-prone case-handling tasks, and we’re excited to see it put to work.”

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