Avalon and SBRG joint venture to develop and promotes innovative Solutions

Image by geralt from Pixabay

Avalon SteriTech Limited (“Avalon”) and SoftBank Robotics Group(“SBRG”) announced a joint venture focusing on the development of innovative products and technologies that strive to empower and benefit public health and well-being. The joint venture leverages Avalon’s strengths in biotechnology and healthcare, and SBRG’s expertise in AI, automation, and robotics to introduce intelligent and effective solutions that transcend conventional concepts of hygiene.

The technological solutions launched through the joint venture will help strike the perfect balance between biocidal efficacy and responsible use of chemicals.

Lewis Ho, Chief Executive Officer, Avalon SteriTech, said: “We are proud to join hands with SoftBank Robotics Group, a company that shares our mission to create a safe environment for all. The synergy we create by harnessing expertise from both sides gives rise to a plethora of exciting ideas and opportunities through which we could address unmet public health needs. With the launch of our products and technologies, we look forward to accelerating the adoption of smarter, more environment friendly, and healthy solutions around the world and spark a new era for public health and hygiene practice.” 

Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer, SoftBank Robotics Corp., said: “We have been reviewing many disinfectant formats to enhance Whiz with an add-on function to deliver thorough floor care cleaning and achieve disinfection efficacy. Avalon SteriTech can fulfill the high environmental regulatory standards after our extensive collaborative research work with them. We believe this partnership with Avalon SteriTech will continue to bring us from strength to strength as we endeavor to pursue and design new products and robotic solutions which will be able to address the new public health requirements.”

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