Aspiring Universe launches FarmScreenSM

Representative image from freepik

Aspiring Universe applied its breakthrough remote sensing technology to create unique and rigorous insights for cropland investors. Driven by proprietary models reading data streams from 20+ satellites and leveraging historical ground and aerial data, the product offers unprecedented accuracy at scale.

Aspiring Universe analyses the land by creating a 20-year daily database at 100-foot resolution for every plot of farmland across the globe. The company integrates multiple remote sensing data layers and uses biophysical-based process models, combined with artificial intelligence and supercomputing, to efficiently assess crop performance, water availability, management practices, nutrient use, and carbon retention.

FarmScreenSM provides ten years of historical productivity data and puts that into context with comparisons to neighbouring fields, making it possible to identify low-performing areas that can be targeted for improvement. This enables investors to identify risks, as well as opportunities for a higher return on investment.

Dr. Kaiyu Guan, Founder, Aspiring Universe and lead inventor of the technology, said: “We are excited to make these tools available, which are the result of 10+ years of my team’s research at the University of Illinois, Stanford University and Princeton University. There are no other options that can provide the combined accuracy, scalability and cost-effectiveness of this technology.”

Daphne Preuss, CEO, Aspiring Universe, said: “Our methodology starts at the field level and is well-suited for investors who have been frustrated by county-averaged data that many competitors rely on. We expect that FarmScreen’s deep insights will be a game-changer for institutional farmland investors across the globe, allowing them to survey a larger number of properties and identify those that best suit their investment profile.”

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