A M Ecosystem to be Weland Solution’s new reseller in the Indian Market

Weland Solution

Weland Solution is expanding in the global market, strengthening their position as an efficient and innovative supplier of solutions for warehouse management and logistics. A M Ecosystem is Weland Solution’s new reseller in the Indian market. The company chose to work with Weland Solutions since the company has clear goals and vision about what they want to achieve in the market. 

Weland Solutions is constantly working on product development and strives to meet the future requirements for logistics and warehousing. Their rigorous routines guarantee efficient inventory management and products with long guarantees. Over the past few years, Weland Solutions has created customized solutions for companies such as Volkswagen, Tetra Pak, Koenigsegg, Bunzl Retail Supplies, Eurostar, Jensen Group, Bright Star Corporation, eel, Rolls Royce och Rimaster.

Ambadas Sutar, CEO, A M Ecosystem said: “Compact Lift Wide/Heavy, Compact Double and other products from Weland Solutions are very modular and standardized to a great extent. We observe that the systems are almost maintenance-free and work for years. The product is very customizable to match the customer’s needs. The working strategy is clearly mapped for success and the Weland Solutions products have a great market in India.” 

Björn Karlsson, CEO, Weland Solutions said: “The goal is to get closer to the end customer to be a long-term partner and be able to offer even better service and support. Our strength is our high competence and responsiveness and that we are driven by creating new, customized solutions for our customers.”

Karlsson added: “Despite our global brand, all our development, design and manufacturing is still happening in Småland, Sweden. Our concept is the same since the start- to deliver innovative solutions and Swedish-made products.”

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